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AUTOCROSS is the fastest growing form of motorsport today. The deftness of the driver and the agility of the car are more important than pure speed. And this low-budget, low-pressure sport allows almost anyone to participate -- usually in the same car they drive to work.

This fast-growing, nation-wide sport is like a track meet on wheels. You approach the starting line in single file, with helmet on and firmly belted into your car. Then, you are in for the drive of your life! It's complex serpentine course of road cones and chalk, testing your best reflexes and skills. You're in a race against the clock, and it's only you and what you can do.

Enjoy here what is a typical Sunday drive for members of the North Hills Sports Car Club of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Live action will begin again next spring.

-CLICK HERE for the club's final race of the 1999 season featuring The Great Pumpkin Challenge
-CLICK HERE to visit the North Hills Sports Car Club